aab-machado-smallUnlike performing artists, visual artists (like writers d’ailleurs) usually work in isolation. In France their lot is particularly difficult: If their colleagues in the spectacle vivant have the right to a unique status which lets them reap unemployment benefits even if they work for a multitude of employers — 500 hours clocked over 10 months qualifies them for a year of benefits — painters and sculptors have no such safety net. Thus an association like the Paris-based Espace 35 performs a unique service, organizing monthly get-togethers to dialogue and discuss diverse approaches to confronting pictoral problematics, always in a private studio surrounded by art and with the ancillary goal of “fighting against the solitude of pictoral activity.” These private confabs often terminate in public exhibitions, such as that currently on view at the gallery of the Ateliers d’Artistes of Belleville on the aptly named rue Francis Picabia, and featuring the work of Susanna Machado and Pepa Siekieranska (through September 20) and Clotilde de la Presle and Romain Zeder (through September 25, with a vernissage the 22nd.) Above: Susanna Machado, “Aquatic,” water-color. Courtesy Ateliers d’Artistes of Belleville.


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